GRUE Second Darkness

Endless Night - Session 2
Exploring Zimakayan & Vannarc Service

Began play in the large magic shop called “The Enigma.” Characters are Liara, Calee, Gerard.
Aurrin had stayed back to scribe spells into his spellbook

Watched a noble woman negotiate with the proprietor for a small vase filled with a clear liquid. She gave only a half-hearted effort and paid in platinum by letters of credit. Her guard of eight wore cloaks with a bat-like emblems.

Followed three dwarves to The Blind Eye (sign has a dwarf with a dagger in one eye.) Spent 12 silver from party pool of drow coins (not recorded yet.) Seems to be a place where privacy is a premium. Owned by the Gosts. Woman (Vorjons Gost) walking around with a walking stick that is sharpened to keen point.

Service Points

Total Service Points
Auurin – 51
Calee – 69
Liara – 68
Gerard – 53

Neth 3
Aurrin +1 sp (Wall Guard)
Calee +2 sp (Wall Guard)
Liara +2 sp (Stables)
Gerard +1 sp (Patrol)

Neth 4
Aurrin Flogged (Sparring Partner)
Calee +2 sp (Physical Training)
Liara +2 sp (Stables)
Gerard +1 sp (Patrol)

Neth 5
Aurrin +1 sp (Wall Guard)
Calee +1 sp (Front Door Guard)
Liara +1 sp (Running Errands)
Gerard +2 sp (Physical Training)

Neth 6
Aurrin +1 sp (Watching Stables)
Calee +3 sp (Sparring Parter)
Liara +2 sp (Stables)
Gerard +3 sp (Sparring Partner)

Neth 7
Aurrin +1 sp (Patrol)
Calee +1 sp (Patrol)
Liara +3 sp (Prepare Meal for Nobles)
Gerard +1 sp (Patrol)

Neth 8
Aurrin +1 sp (Guard Tower Lookout)
Calee +3 sp (Sparring Partner)
Liara +2 sp (Run Errands for Slave Mother)
Gerard +1 sp (Patrol)

Neth 9
Aurrin +1 sp (Lookout Duty)
Calee +4 sp (Flogging Trogs)
Liara +2 sp (Clean Common Areas)
Gerard +3 sp (Sparring Partner)

Neth 10
Aurrin +2 sp (Conditioning Drills)
Calee +1 sp (Lookout Duty)
Liara +0 sp (Working Stables)
Gerard +1 sp (Chapel Watch)

Neth 11
Aurrin +1 sp (Patrols)
Calee +2 sp (Conditioning Drills)
Liara +3 sp (Cooking for Axsima Vonnarc)
Gerard +1 sp (Patrols)

Neth 12
Aurrin +1 sp (Patrol)
Calee +1 sp (Lookout) (Promoted to Warrior)
Liara +1 sp (Maid Service)
Gerard +1 sp (Patrol)

Neth 13
Aurrin +1 sp (Guarding Slaves)
Calee +4 sp (Watching over Xemendrios Vonnarc Quarters)
Liara +2 sp (Work in Stables)(Learned to strap in to Lizard)(Promoted to Attendant)
Gerard +3 sp (Sparring Partner)

Drider Hunt
Aurrin +10 sp (Promoted to Clerk)
Calee +10 sp
Liara +10 sp
Gerard +10 sp (Promoted to Warrior)

Neth 14
Aurrin +4 sp (Assistant Notary – Destroying House Document))
Calee +4 sp (Dress Guard)
Liara +5 sp (Entertain Xemandrios Vonnarc)
Gerard +1 sp (Dress Guard)

Neth 15
Aurrin +4 sp (Vonarc Library Filing with House Mages)(Useful info for Unamesta Slave Mother)
Calee +2 sp (House Watch)
Liara +5 sp (Handmaiden for nobody important)
Gerard +2 sp (House Watch)

Neth 16
Aurrin +2 sp (Vonarc Library – Creating false documents)
Calee +9 sp (Joining House Paymaster to pay Guards)
Liara +8 sp (Attending Noble Family for Dinner)
Gerard +2 sp (House Watch)

Neth 16 Evening (Escort Safan Domvesia home)
Aurrin +20 sp
Calee +20 sp
Liara +20 sp
Gerard +20 sp


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